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Download Lagu MP3 Beauty Vlogger feat Ramengvrl - Pretty Real Viral TikTok, Ada Lirik dan Video Klip

Link download lagu MP3 Pretty Real yang dipopulerkan oleh sejumlah beauty vlogger feat Ramengvrl.

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Lirik Lagu Pretty Real

[Verse 1: Nanda Arsyinta]

Remember when you put a shame on me, I'm Nanda Arsyinta
Hey, open your damn eyes widely now you see
You said I'm not good enough then I wanna tell
Now my beauty's like a Tinkerbell on a fairytale

Look my eyes, eyebrows on fleek
Be strong girl while soft like a silk
Catch your dream with a blushing cheek
I don't have a time with the haters
Cuz I'm busy making fans a prouder like em' wearing Prada

[Verse 2: Titan Tyra]

Arigato to my fans
Can be #TitanBajuHaram
If you want that then I am

Call my 1-800 beauty number
I'll teach you how to glam (Yeah!)
Haters in the start
But now all of 'em are fans (Yeah!)

Wear what you want
Cause it's all about having the confidence confidence (Ou!)
Proud to be women standing on stage
All about women empowerment (Ou!)
So, be a queen, better dream, in the scene, make it big on the screen
Do you see I made my dream reality

[Verse 3: Cindercella]

Jare sopo aku gak iso
Jare sopo aku gak iso
Elenerku gak roto loh?
Terus opoo?

Mekapku jan uaneh
Yet my fren say hiiiiiiiii
Apik'e raimu raiku do whatever you wanna do (Yeah!!)

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